To Volunteer


The ESN operates almost entirely on the selfless efforts of our volunteer corps, who work diligently and enthusiastically in order to provide shelter services to our homeless guests on a nightly basis.


It is easy to volunteer and there are many kinds of skills the ESN can use to fulfill our mission. And volunteering at one of the network shelter sites is really quite simple. Though there may be some differences among each shelter site in the network, generally there are two types of volunteering: Setting up the shelter room (and sometimes preparing a meal) and/or sleeping over night. A site coordinator or any board member of the ESN will be happy to speak to you about volunteering and answer any questions or concerns you might have.


If you join us (which we hope you will consider) you will quickly see that the rewards and benefits of volunteering are shared not only by our homeless guests but also by the volunteers themselves. A commitment to serve as a volunteer, whether on a frequent or sporadic basis, is invaluable in alleviating the suffering of an ever-expanding segment of our population in New York City.


Please contact the Emergency Shelter Network (ESN) in order to obtain a referral to one or more of our network shelter sites throughout the five boroughs or to get more information on what we do and how you might help.


Thank you!

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